Volume 45 Number 1 July 1950


Calibration of Precision Airplane Mapping Cameras PDF File
Francis E. Washer and Frank A. Case

A Permeameter for Magnetic Testing at Magnetizing Forces up to 300 Oersteds PDF File
Raymond L. Sanford and Philip H. Winter

Heat Capacity of Sodium Between 0° and 900° C, the Triple Point and Heat of Fusion PDF File
Defoe C. Ginnings, Thomas B. Douglas, and Anne F. Ball

High-Temperature X-Ray Study of the System Fe3O4-Mn3O4 PDF File
H. F. McMurdie, Barbara M. Sullivan, and Floyd A. Mauer

A Quantitative Study of the Carbon Monoxide Formed During the Absorption of Oxygen by Alkaline Pyrogallol PDF File
Marthada V. Kilday

Tracing of Skew Rays PDF File
Donald P. Feder

Strength of Heat-Resistant Laminated Plastics up to 300° C PDF File
Benjamin M. Axilrod and Martha A. Sherman

Attenuation of Oscillatory Pressures in Instrument Lines PDF File
Arthur S. Iberall