Volume 41 Number 6 December 1948


Effect of Boron on the Hardenability of High-Purity Alloys and Commercial Steels PDF File
Thomas G. Digges, Carolyn R. Irish, and Nesbit L. Carwile

Absorption of Radio Waves Reflected at Vertical Incidence as a Function of the Sun's Zenith Angle PDF File
Eloise W. Taylor

Destruction of Superconductivity by Current PDF File
Russell B. Scott

Study of the Modifications of Manganese Dioxide PDF File
Howard F. McMurdie and Esther Golovato

Laboratory Evaluation of a Method Proposed by Gnam for Measuring the Temperature of Rotating Parts PDF File
Andrew I. Dahl and Paul D. Freeze

Amides of Glucuronic, Galacturonic, and Mannuronic Acids PDF File
Harriet L. Frush and Horace S. Isbell

Absorption Spectra of Methane in the Near Infrared PDF File
Richard C. Nelson,1 Earle K. Plyler, and William S. Benedict

Transmittance of Near Infrared Energy by Binary Glasses PDF File
Jack M. Florence, Francis W. Glaze, Clarence H. Hahner, and Ralph Stair