Volume 41 Number 5 November 1948


Calibration of Accelerometers PDF File
Samuel Levy, Albert E. McPherson, and Edward V. Hobbs

Studies of the Mattson Shot Classifier PDF File
Raymond L. Blaine and Harold J. Valis

Compilation of Thermal Properties of Hydrogen in Its Various Isotopic and Ortho-Para Modifications PDF File
Harold W. Woolley, Russell B. Scott, and F. G. Brickwedde

Chemical Durability, Specular Gloss, and Transmittance of Optical Glasses PDF File
Donald Hubbard and Gerald F. Rynders

Bending Tests of Large Welded-Steel Box Girders at Different Temperatures PDF File
Ambrose H. Stang and Bernard S. Jaffe

Standards for Low Values of Direct Capacitance PDF File
Charles Moon and C. Matilda Sparks

Experimental Verification of Theory of Landing Impact PDF File
Walter Ramberg and Albert E. McPherson

Copolymerization PDF File
Robert Simha and Leo A. Wall