Volume 41 Number 3 October 1948


Color Perceptions of Deuteranopic and Protanopic Observers PDF File
Deane B. Judd

Electrode Function (pH Response) of the SodarSilica Glasses PDF File
Gerald F. Rynders, Oscar H. Grauer, and Donald Hubbard

Effect of Temperature on the Volume of Leather and Collagen in Water PDF File
Charles E. Weir

Image Shifts Caused by Rotating a Constant- Deviation Prism in Divergent Light PDF File
James B. Saunders

Thimble-Chamber Calibration on Soft X-rays PDF File
Frank H. Day

Sources of Error in and Calibration of the /-Number of Photographic Lenses PDF File
Francis E. Washer

Mass Spectrometric Investigation of the Thermal Decomposition of Polymers PDF File
Leo A. Wall

Purification, Purity, and Freezing Points of 30 Hydrocarbons of the API-Standard and API-NBS Series PDF File
Anton J. Streiff, Janice C. Zimmerman, Laurel F. Soule, Marie T. Butt, Vincent A.Sedlak, Charles B. Willingham, and Frederick D. Rossini