Volume 41 Number 3 September 1948


Thickness of Inhibiting Films on Glass Electrode Surfaces PDF File
Donald Hubbard and Gerald F. Rynders

Light-Sensitive Papers as Controls for Testing Textile Colorfastness and Stability of Materials Under Arc Lamp Exposure PDF File
Herbert F. Launer

Expansive Characteristics of Hydrated Limes and the Development of an Autoclave Test for Soundness PDF File
Lansing S. Wells, Walter F. Clarke, and Ernest M. Levin

Concentration of Isotopes of Mercury in Countercurrent Molecular Stills PDF File
Samuel L. Madorsky, Paul Bradt, and Sidney Straus

Determination of Lactose Alone and in the Presence of Sucrose by the Method of Munson and Walker PDF File
Lester D. Hammond

Broad-and Narrow-Beam Attenuation of 500- to 1,400- Kilovolt X-Rays in Lead and Concrete PDF File
Harold O. Wyckoff, Robert J. Kennedy, and William R. Bradford

A Method for the Electron Microscopy of Wool PDF File
Max Swerdlow and Gloria S. Seeman