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Volume 114 Number 3 May-June 2009 RSS image


Calibration of Speed Enforcement Down-The-Road Radars PDF File 360 kb
John Jendzurski and Nicholas G. Paulter

High Speed Quantum Key Distribution Over Optical Fiber Network System PDF File 1679 kb
Lijun Ma, Alan Mink, and Xiao Tang

Method for the Characterization of Extreme-Ultraviolet Photoresist Outgassing PDF File 190 kb
Charles Tarrio

The Detection of Lyman Alpha Radiation Formed by the Slowing Down of Protons and Tritons Produced by the 3He (n,tp) Reaction—A Model Study PDF File 285 kb
John W. Cooper, Michael A. Coplan, and Patrick P. Hughes

Pass-Fail Testing: Statistical Requirements and Interpretations PDF File 464 kb
David Gilliam, Stefan Leigh, Andrew Rukhin, and William Strawderman