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Synthesis of Polymerizable Cyclodextrin Derivatives for Use in Adhesion-Promoting Monomer Formulations PDF File 710 kb
Rafael L. Bowen, Clifton M. Carey, Kathleen M. Flynn, and Charles M. Guttman

Adhesive Bonding to Dentin Improved by Polymerizable Cyclodextrin Derivatives PDF File 911 kb
Rafael L. Bowen, Gary E. Schumacher, Anthony A. Giuseppetti, Charles M. Guttman, and Clifton M. Carey

ASME B89.4.19 Performance Evaluation Tests and Geometric Misalignments in Laser Trackers PDF File 828 kb
B. Muralikrishnan, D. Sawyer, C. Blackburn, S. Phillips, B. Borchardt, and W. T. Estler

Statistical Analysis of a Round-Robin Measurement Survey of Two Candidate Materials for a Seebeck Coefficient
Standard Reference Materia
PDF File 1116 kb
Z. Q. J. Lu, N. D. Lowhorn, W. Wong-Ng, W. Zhang, E. L. Thomas, M. Otani, M. L. Green, T. N. Tran, C. Caylor, N. R. Dilley, A. Downey, B. Edwards, N. Elsner, S. Ghamaty, T. Hogan, Q. Jie, Q. Li, J. Martin, G. Nolas, H. Obara, J. Sharp, R. Venkatasubramanian, R. Willigan, J. Yang, and T. Tritt

Implementation of Two-Dimensional Polycrystalline Grains in Object Oriented Micromagnetic Framework PDF File 186 kb
J. W. Lau, R. D. McMichael, and M. J. Donahue