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Sources of Differences in On-Orbital Total Solar Irradiance Measurements and Description of a Proposed Laboratory Intercomparison PDF File 846 kb
J. J. Butler, B. C. Johnson, J. P. Rice, E. L. Shirley, and R. A. Barnes

Bilateral Optical Power Meter Comparison Between NIST and CENAM PDF File 139 kb
I. Vayshenker, X. Li, D. J. Livigni, J. H. Lehman, J. C. Bermudez, J. C. Molina, and Z. E. Ruiz

Web Thermo Tables – an On-Line Version of the TRC Thermodynamic Tables PDF File 2,112 kb
Andrei Kazakov, Chris D. Muzny, Robert D. Chirico, Vladimir V. Diky, and Michael Frenkel

Methods for Quantifying and Characterizing Errors in Pixel-Based 3D Rendering PDF File 328 kb
John G. Hagedorn, Judith E. Terrill, Adele P. Peskin, and James J. Filliben

Stiffening of the Extrapulmonary Arteries From Rats in Chronic Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension PDF File 909 kb
E. S. Drexler, J. E. Bischoff, A. J. Slifka, C. N. McCowan, T. P. Quinn, R. Shandas, D. D. Ivy, and K. R. Stenmark