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Observation of the 3He(n,tp) Reaction by Detection of Far-Ultraviolet Radiation PDF File 173 kb
Alan K.Thompson, Michael A. Coplan, John W. Cooper, Patrick P. Hughes, Robert E. Vest, and Charles Clark

An Absorbed-Dose/Dose-Rate Dependence for the Alanine-EPR Dosimetry System and Its Implications in High-Dose Ionizing Radiation Metrology PDF File 286 kb
M. F. Desrosiers, J. M. Puhl, and S. L. Cooper

Non-Contact Methods for Measuring Front Cavity Depths of Laboratory Standard Microphones Using a Depth-Measuring Microscope PDF File 1279 kb
Victor Nedzelnitsky and Randall P. Wagner

Metrology and Standards Needs for Some Categories of Medical Devices PDF File 51 kb
J. C. Chiao, Julian M. Goldman, David A. Heck, Peter Kazanzides, William J. Peine, James B. Stiehl, Dwight Yen, and Nicholas G. Dagalakis