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Volume 111 Number 2 March-April 2006 RSS image

Special Issue: Topics in Operations Research, Geometric Design, and Optimization

David E. Gilsinn, Editor

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An Examination of New Paradigms for Spline Approximations PDF File 1275 kb
Christoph Witzgall, David E. Gilsinn, and Marjorie A. McClain

Integer Representation of Decimal Numbers for Exact Computations PDF File 151 kb
Javier Bernal and Christoph Witzgall

One-Center Location With Block and Euclidean Distance PDF File 579 kb
P. M. Dearing and Phantipa Thipwiwatpotjana

Optimal Facility-Location PDF File 123 kb
A. J. Goldman

Optimization Models for Scheduling of Jobs PDF File 593 kb
S. H. Sathish Indika and Douglas R. Shier

Fast Algorithims for Structured Least Squares and Total Least Squares Problems PDF File 539 kb
Anoop Kalsi and Dianne P. O'Leary

Projections Onto Order Simplexes and Isotonic Regression PDF File 515 kb
Anthony J. Kearsley

Three Rings of Polyhedral Simple Functions PDF File 107 kb
Jim Lawrence

Analysis of Interior-Point Paths PDF File 159 kb
J. Stoer

Evaluation of Aerodynamic Drag and Torque for External Tanks in Low Earth Orbit PDF File 1499 kb
William C. Stone and Christoph Witzgall

A Column-Generation and Branch-and-Cut Approach to the Bandwidth-Packing Problem PDF File 908 kb
Christine Villa and Karla Hoffman