Volume 110 Number 5 September-October 2005

Front Cover—Title Page—ContentsPDF File 745 kb


Temperature Dependence of the Hall and Longitudinal Resistances in a Quantum Hall Resistance Standard PDF File 723 kb
J. Matthews and M. E. Cage

The "Median" Method for the Reduction of Noise and Trigger Jitter on Waveform Data PDF File 885 kb
N. G. Paulter and D. R. Larson

Developing a More Rapid Test to Assess Sulfate Resistance of Hydraulic Cements PDF File 1691 kb
Chiara Ferraris, Paul Stutzman, Max Peltz, and John Winpigler

Chemistry of Silanes: Interfaces in Dental Polymers and Composites PDF File 750 kb
Joseph M. Antonucci, Sabine H. Dickens, Bruce O. Fowler, Hockin H. K. Xu, and Walter G. McDonough

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