Volume 110 Number 1 January-February 2005

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents.PDF File 1497 kb


Details of the 1998 Watt Balance Experiment Determining the Planck Constant PDF File 2324 kb
Richard Steiner, David Newell, and Edwin Williams

Re-Analysis of the Uncertainty of the 0.895 µm Diameter (NIST SRM® 1690) and the 0.269 µm Diameter (NIST SRM® 1691) Sphere Standards PDF File 523 kb
G. W. Mullholland

Slip Correction Measurements of Certified PSL Nanoparticles Using a Nanometer Differential Mobility Analyzer (Nano-DMA) for Knudsen Number From 0.5 to 83 PDF File 1407 kb
Jung Hyeun Kim, George W. Mulholland, Scott R. Kukuck, and David Y. H. Pui

Measurement of Workability of Fresh Concrete Using a Mixing Truck PDF File 1076 kb
Sofiane Amziane, Chiara F. Ferraris, and Eric P. Koehler

A Survey of Tables of Probability Distributions PDF File 588 kb
Raghu Kacker and Ingram Olkin

Subscription Information PDF File 1180 kb

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