Volume 108 Number 2 March-April 2003

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 1080 kb


Accuracy of Nanoscale Pitch Standards Fabricated by Laser-Focused Atomic Deposition PDF File 1075 kb
Jabez J. McClelland, William R. Anderson, Curtis C. Bradley, Mirek Walkiewicz, Robert J. Celotta, Erich Jurdik, and Richard D. Deslattes

Characterization of an Ellipsoidal Radiometer PDF File 725 kb
Annageri V. Murthy, Ingrid Wetterlund, and David P. DeWitt

Interlaboratory Comparison of Magnetic Thin Film Measurements PDF File 665 kb
F. C. S. da Silva, C. M. Wang, and D. P. Pappas

A Primary Dead-Weight Tester for Pressures (0.05-1.0) MPa PDF File 561 kb
Kamlesh Jain, Walt Bowers, and James W. Schmidt

Thermal Conductivity Measurement of an Electron-Beam Physical-Vapor-Deposition Coating PDF File 739 kb
A. J. Slifka and B. J. Filla

Thermal Evaluation of Scorched Graphite-Epoxy Panels by Infrared Scanning PDF File 572 kb
A. J. Slifka, T. Hall, and E. S. Boltz

News Briefs PDF File 1173 kb

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