Volume 108 Number 1 January -February 2003

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 452 kb


Mass Absorption Coefficient of Tungsten and Tantalum, 1450 eV to 2350 eV: Experiment, Theory, and Application PDF File 257 kb
Zachary H. Levine, Steven Grantham, Charles Tarrio, David J. Paterson, Ian McNulty, T. M. Levin, Alexei L. Ankudinov, and John J. Rehr

A Double-Primary Dead-Weight Tester for Pressures (35-175) kPa in Gage Mode PDF File 216 kb
Kamlesh Jain, Yueqin Cen, Walter J. Bowers, and James W. Schmidt

Design and Uncertainty Analysis for a PVTt Gas Flow Standard PDF File 276 kb
John D. Wright, Aaron N. Johnson, and Michael R. Moldover

Potassium Bromate Assay by Redox Titrimetry Using Arsenic Trioxide PDF File 138 kb
Johanna M. Smeller and Stefan D. Leigh

Optical Diffraction in Close Proximity to Plane Apertures. II. Comparison of Half-Plane Diffraction Theories PDF File 215 kb
Klaus D. Mielenz

Uncertainties in Interpolated Spectral Data PDF File 197 kb
James L. Gardner

Quantitative Synthetic Polymer Mass Spectrometry Workshop PDF File 132 kb
William E. Wallace, Charles M. Guttman, and Scott D. Hanton

News Briefs PDF File 1331 kb


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