Volume 107 Number 3 May-June 2002

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 1600 kb


Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Computation and Visualization II PDF File 1942 kb
James S. Sims, William L. George, Steven G. Satterfield, Howard K. Hung, John G. Hagedorn, Peter M. Ketcham, Terence J. Griffin, Stanley A. Hagstrom, Julien C. Franiatte, Garnett W. Bryant, W. Jaskólski, Nicos S. Martys, Charles E. Bouldin, Vernon Simmons, Oliver P. Nicolas, James A. Warren, Barbara A. am Ende, John E. Koontz, B. James Filla, Vital G. Pourprix, Stefanie R. Copley, Robert B. Bohn, Adele P. Peskin, Yolanda M. Parker, and Judith E. Devaney

The Role of Rendering in the Competence Project in Measurement Science for Optical Reflection and Scattering PDF File 2030 kb
Harold B. Westlund, Gary W. Meyer, and Fern Y. Hunt

Through Measurement to Knowledge: The Inaugural Lecture of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (1882) PDF File 387 kb
Arno Laesecke

A Critical Evaluation of Interlaboratory Data on Total, Elemental, and Isotopic Carbon in the Carbonaceous Particle Reference Material, NIST SRM 1649a PDF File 166 kb
L. A. Currie, B. A. Benner, Jr., J. D. Kessler, D. B. Klinedinst, G. A. Klouda, J. V. Marolf, J. F. Slater, S. A. Wise, H. Cachier, R. Cary, J. C. Chow, J. Watson, E. R. M. Druffel, C. A. Masiello, T. I. Eglinton, A. Pearson, C. M. Reddy, O. Gustafsson, P. C. Hartmann, J. G. Quinn, J. I. Hedges, K. M. Prentice, T. W. Kirchstetter, T. Novakov, H. Puxbaum, and H. Schmid

Effect of Loading Rate Upon Conventional Ceramic Microindentation Hardness PDF File 1162 kb
George D. Quinn, Parimal J. Patel, and Isabel Lloyd

News Briefs PDF File 683 kb

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