Volume 106 Number 6 November-December 2001

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 1500 kb


High Pressure X-Ray Crystallography With the Diamond Cell at NIST/NBS PDF File 3569 kb
Gasper J. Piermarini

Past and Present Crystallographic Work at the NBS/NIST Reactor PDF File 1356 kb
A. Santoro

Magnetic Structure Determinations at NBS/NIST PDF File 362 kb
J. W. Lynn, J. A. Borchers, Q. Huang, A. Santoro, and R. W. Erwin

Investigations of Zeolitic Materials at the NIST Center for Neutron Research PDF File 753 kb
B. H. Toby

Quasicrystals PDF File 1009 kb
John W. Cahn

Lattice Symmetry and Identification–The Fundamental Role of Reduced Cells in Materials Chracterization PDF File 296 kb
Alan D. Mighell

Electron Diffraction Using Transmission Electron Microscopy PDF File 2560 kb
Leonid A. Bendersky and Frank W. Gayle

JCPDS-ICDD Research Associateship (Cooperative Program with NBS/NIST) PDF File 612 kb
W. Wong-Ng, H. F. McMurdie, C. R. Hubbard, and A. D. Mighell

A Natural Bone Cement–A Laboratory Novelty Led to the Development of Revolutionary New Biomaterials PDF File 254 kb
Laurence C. Chow and Shozo Takagi

Structures of Biological Minerals in Dental Research PDF File 176 kb
Mathai Mathew and Shozo Takagi

NIST Materials Properties Databases for Advanced Ceramics PDF File 146 kb
R. G. Munro

Contributions of NIST/NBS Researchers to the Crystallography of Construction Materials PDF File 1066 kb
Paul Stutzman

Crystallographic Texture in Ceramics and Metals PDF File 131 kb
Mark D. Vaudin

Standard Reference Material (SRM 1990) for Single Crystal Diffractometer Alignment PDF File 768 kb
W. Wong-Ng, T. Siegrist, G. T. DeTitta, L. W. Finger, H. T. Evans, Jr., E. J. Gabe, G. D. Enright, J. T. Armstrong, M. Levenson, L. P. Cook, and C. R. Hubbard

articleTitle PDF File fileSize kb

Phase Equilibria and Crystallography of Ceramic Oxides PDF File 1790 kb
W. Wong-Ng, R. S. Roth, T. A. Vanderah, and H. F. McMurdie

Towards Near Perfect Crystals With Only Well-Characterized Imperfections PDF File 105 kb
H. Steffen Peiser

National Institute of Standards and Technology Synchrotron Radiation Facilities for Materials Science PDF File 1320 kb
Gabrielle G. Long, Andrew J. Allen, David R. Black, Harold E. Burdette, Daniel A. Fischer, Richard D. Spal, and Joseph C. Woicik

Macromolecular Crystallography and Structural Biology Databases at NIST PDF File 675 kb
Gary L. Gilliland

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