Volume 106 Number 5 September-October 2001

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 442 kb


Fraunhofer Diffraction Effects on Total Power for a Planckian Source PDF File 74 kb
Eric L. Shirley

Environmental Radiation Monitoring at NBS/NIST From 1960 Through 2000 PDF File 774 kb
Thomas G. Hobbs

Vibrational Branching Ratios and Asymmetry Parameters in the Photoionization of CO2 in the Region Between 650 Å and 840 Å PDF File 2473 kb
A. C. Parr, J. B. West, M. R. F. King, K. Ueda, P. M. Dehmer, and J. L. Dehmer

Transfer Calibration Validation Tests on a Heat Flux Sensor in the 51 mm High-Temperature Blackbody PDF File 464 kb
A. V. Murthy, B. K. Tsai, and R. D. Saunders

Precision Ultrasonic Wave Measurements With Simple Equipment PDF File 113 kb
Steven E. Fick and C. Harvey Palmer

Studies of Excess Heat and Convection in a Water Calorimeter PDF File 246 kb
John K. Domen and Steve R. Domen

Treasure of the Past IX: Exposure Standardization of Iodine-125 Seeds Used for Brachytherapy PDF File 582 kb
T. P. Loftus

NIST-ASME Workshop on Uncertainty in Dimensional Measurements PDF File 68 kb
Dennis A. Swyt

News Briefs PDF File 839 kb

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