Volume 106 Number 3 May-June 2001

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 1874 kb


Report on the Development of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) PDF File 3330 kb
James Nechvatal, Elaine Barker, Lawrence Bassham, William Burr, Morris Dworkin, James Foti, and Edward Roback

Photocurrent Measurement of PC and PV HgCdTe Detectors PDF File 116 kb
George P. Eppeldauer and Robert J. Martin

Treasure of the Past VII: Measurement of the Thickness and Refractive Index of Very Thin Films and the Optical Properties of Surfaces by Ellipsometry PDF File 1533 kb
Frank L. McCrackin, Elio Passaglia, Robert R. Stromberg, and Harold L. Steinberg

Workshop on Texture in Electronic Applications PDF File 47 kb
Mark D. Vaudin and Debra L. Kaiser

News Briefs PDF File 835 kb

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