Volume 105 Number 2 March-April 2000

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 239 kb


Noise-Optimized Silicon Radiometers PDF File 165 kb
George P. Eppeldauer

Absolute Steady-State Thermal Conductivity Measurements by Use of a Transient Hot-Wire System PDF File 380 kb
Hans M. Roder, Richard A. Perkins, Arno Laesecke, and Carlos A. Nieto de Castro

Thermal Conductivity of Saturated Liquid Toluene by Use of Anodized Tantalum Hot Wires at High Temperatures PDF File 156 kb
R. A. Perkins, M. L. Ramires, and C. A. Nieto de Castro

Measurement of Calcium Activity in Oral Fluids by Ion Selective Electrode: Method Evaluation and Simplified Calculation of Ion Activity Products PDF File 83 kb
C. M. Carey and G. L. Vogel

Radioactivity Measurements on Glazed Ceramic Surfaces PDF File 74 kb
Thomas G. Hobbs

Electron-Impact Total Ionization Cross Sections of Molecular Ions PDF File 104 kb
Yong-Ki Kim, Karl K. Irikura, and M. A. Ali

Radiative Calibration of Heat-Flux Sensors at NIST: Facilities and Techniques PDF File 452 kb
A. V. Murthy, B. K. Tsai, and R. D. Saunders

Treasure of the Past: I. Recomparison of the United States Prototype Meter PDF File 684 kb
Louis A. Fischer

News Briefs PDF File 424 kb

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