Volume 103 Number 4 July-August 1998

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 26 kb


Thermal Conductivity of Magnesium Oxide From Absolute, Steady-State Measurements PDF File 118 kb
A. J. Slifka, B. J. Filla, and J. M. Phelps

Comparison of the NIST and ENEA Air Kerma Standards PDF File 128 kb
R. F. Laitano, P. J. Lamperti, and M. P. Toni

Liquidus Diagram of the Ba-Y-Cu-O System in the Vicinity of the Ba2 YCu3O6+x Phase Field PDF File 1321 kb
Winnie Wong-Ng and Lawrence P. Cook

The Refinement-Tree Partition for Parallel Solution of Partial Differential Equations PDF File 223 kb
William F. Mitchell

NIST Workshop on Thin Dielectric Film Metrology PDF File 41 kb
Barbara J. Belzer and James R. Ehrstein

Electronic Dosimetry Workshop PDF File 32 kb
J. Shobe and K. L. Swinth

Fourth International Conference on Chemical Kinetics PDF File 19 kb
Robert E. Huie and Jeffrey W. Hudgens

News Briefs PDF File 378 kb

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