Volume 102 Number 3 May-June 1997

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 38 kb


The 1994 North American Interagency Intercomparison of Ultraviolet Monitoring Spectroradiometers PDF File 619 kb
Ambler Thompson, Edward A. Early, John DeLuisi, Patrick Disterhoft, David Wardle, James Kerr, John Rives, Yongchen Sun, Timothy Lucas, Tanya Mestechkina, and Patrick Neale

Improved Photometric Standards and Calibration Procedures at NIST PDF File 138 kb
Yoshihiro Ohno

Accurate Measurements of the Zero-Disperson Wavelength in Optical Fibers PDF File 194 kb
S. E. Mechels, J. B. Schlager, and D. L. Franzen

Creep and Creep Recovery Response of Load Cells Tested According to U.S. and International Evaluation Procedures PDF File 183 kb
Thomas W. Bartel and Simone L. Yaniv

Computation of Fresnel Integrals PDF File 36 kb
Klaus D. Mielenz

19th National Information Systems Security Conference - Conference Report PDF File 25 kb
Ellen Flahavin

First Annual Leveraging Cyberspace Conference - Conference Report PDF File 26 kb
Judy Moline

News Briefs PDF File 206 kb

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