Volume 101 Number 2 March-April 1996

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 33 kb


The NIST Detector-Based Luminous Intensity Scale PDF File 659 kb
C. L. Cromer, G. Eppeldauer, J. E. Hardis, T. C. Larason, Y. Ohno, and A. C. Parr

The NIST High Accuracy Scale for Absolute Spectral Response from 406 nm to 920 nm PDF File 86 kb
T. C. Larason, S. S. Bruce, and C. L. Cromer

Irradiance of Horizontal Quartz-Halogen Standard Lamps PDF File 156 kb
Edward A. Early and Ambler Thompson

Development of the Ion Exchange-Gravimetric Method for Sodium in Serum as a Definitive Method PDF File 88 kb
John R. Moody and Thomas W. Vetter

The MasPar MP-1 As a Computer Arithmetic Laboratory PDF File 90 kb
Michael A. Anuta, Daniel W. Lozier, and Peter R. Turner

Evidence That Voltage Rather Than Resistance is Quantized in Breakdown of the Quantum Hall Effect PDF File 82 kb
M. E. Cage

News Briefs PDF File 229 kb

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