Volume 100 Number 6 November-December 1995

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Calibration of Electret-Based Integral Radon Monitors Using NIST Polyethylene-Encapsulated 226Ra/222Rn Emanation (PERE) Standards PDF File 101 kb
R. Collé, P. Kotrappa, and J. M. R. Hutchinson

Microstructural Characterization of Cobalt-Tungsten Coated Graphite Fibers PDF File 3543 kb
N. S. Wheeler

On Using Collocation in Three Dimensions and Solving a Model Semiconductor Problem PDF File 210 kb
J. F. Marchiando

Precision Tests of a Quantum Hall Effect Device DC Equivalent Circuit Using Double-Series and Triple-Series Connections PDF File 91 kb
A. Jeffery, R. E. Elmquist, and M. E. Cage

Analysis of the (5d2+5d6s)-5d6p Transition Arrays of Os VII and Ir VIII, and the 6s 2S-6p 2P Transitions of Ir IX PDF File 140 kb
G. J. van het Hof, Y. N. Joshi, J. F. Wyart, and J. Sugar

Application Portability Profile and Open System Environment User's Forum - Conference Report PDF File 63 kb
Joseph I. Hungate, Martha M. Gray, and Kathleen A. Liburdy

International Workshop on Semiconductor Characterization: Present Status and Future Needs - Conference Report PDF File 35 kb
D. G. Seiler and T. J. Shaffner

Metrology Issues in Terahertz Physics and Technology - Conference Report PDF File 54 kb
Raju Datla, Erich Grossman, and Mitchell K. Hobish

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