Volume 100 Number 3 May-June 1995

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 26 kb


Determining the Magnetic Properties of 1 kg Mass Standards PDF File 193 kb
Richard S. Davis

1993 Intercomparison of Photometric Units Maintained at NIST (USA) and PTB (Germany) PDF File 860 kb
Yoshihiro Ohno and Georg Sauter

Determination of the Transmittance Uniformity of Optical Filter Standard Reference Materials PDF File 262 kb
J. C. Travis, N. K. Winchester, and M. V. Smith

Low-Frequency Model for Radio-Frequency Absorbers PDF File 132 kb
J. Randa

Using Quantized Breakdown Voltage Signals to Determine the Maximum Electric Fields in a Quantum Hall Effet Sample PDF File 522 kb
M. E. Cage and C. F. Lavine

High Accuracy Measurement of Aperture Area Relative to a Standard Known Aperture PDF File 89 kb
Joel B. Fowler and Gyula Dezsi

Letter to the Editor New IUPAC guidelines for the reporting of stable hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen isotope-ratio data PDF File 14 kb
Tyler B. Coplen

Quest for Excellence VII - Conference Report PDF File 87 kb
Cap Frank and Robert E. Chapman

17th National Computer Security Conference - Conference Report PDF File 730 kb
Dennis Gilbert

News Briefs PDF File 1743 kb

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