Volume 67A Number 3 May-June 1963


An Absolute Calibration of the National Bureau of Standards Thermal Neutron Flux PDF File
E. J. Axton

Absorption Bands of Carbon Dioxide From 5.3 to 4.6 Microns PDF File
Arthur G. Maki, Earle K. Plyler, and Robert J. Thibault

Infrared Spectrum of the υ2+υ6 Band of C13C12H6 PDF File
Walter J. Lafferty and Earle K. Plyler

Self-Broadening of Carbon Monoxide in the 2 υ and 3 υ Bands PDF File
Earle K. Plyler and Robert J. Thibault

Thermodynamic Properties of Polyethylene Predicted from Paraffin Data PDF File
Martin G. Broadhurst

Spectrophotometric Determination of the Thermodynamic pK Value of Picric Acid in Water at 25 °C PDF File

Purity Analysis of Highly Purified Materials by Time-Temperature Cryometry PDF File
Gaylon S. Ross and Herbert D. Dixon

Synthesis of Isomers of Eugenol PDF File
Gerhard M. Brauer, Richard Warren Morris,2 and Willard B. Howe

Analysis of Families of Curves PDF File
John Mandel and Frank L. McCrackin

A Controlled Atmosphere Chamber PDF File
Charles L. Gordon and Rolf B. Johannesen