Volume 67A Number 1 January-February 1963


Heat of Formation of Calcium Aluminate Monosulfate at 25 °C PDF File
H. A. Berman and E. S. Newman

2,3-Dimethylpentane and 2-Methylhexane as a Test Mixture for Evaluating Highly Efficient Fractionating Columns PDF File
Edwin C. Kuehner

Phase Equilibrium Relations in the Sc2O3-Ga2O3 System PDF File
S. J. Schneider and J. L. Waring

Analysis of Two Infrared Bands of CH2D2 PDF File
Wm. Bruce Olson, Harry C. Allen, Jr., and Earle K. Plyler

Precise Coulometric Titrations of Halides PDF File
George Marinenko and John K. Taylor

Radial Distribution Study of Vitreous Barium Borosilicate PDF File
G. J. Piermarini and S. Block

Dynamic Compressibility of Poly(Vinyl Acetate) and Its Relation to Free Volume PDF File
John E. McKinney and Harriet Vera Belcher

An Investigation of the Constitution of the Mercury-Tin System PDF File
Duane F. Taylor and Claire L. Burns

Effect of Methyl Bromide Additions on the Flame Speed of Methane PDF File
Carl Halpern