Volume 66A Number 5 September-October 1962


Calorimetric Calibration of an Ionization Chamber for Determination of X-ray Total Beam Energy PDF File
John S. Pruitt and Steve R. Domen

Zinc Oxide as a Standard Substance in the Solution Calorimetry of Portland Cement PDF File
Edwin S. Newman

Nuclear Optical Model Analysis of Neutron Elastic Scattering for Calcium PDF File
Randall S. Caswell

Pyrolysis of Some Polyvinyl Polymers at Temperatures Up to 1,200 °C PDF File
Sidney Straus and Samuel L. Madorsky

Lattice Frequencies and Rotational Barriers for Inorganic Carbonates and Nitrates From Low Temperature Infrared Spectroscopy PDF File
R. A. Schroeder,1 C. E. Weir, and E. R. Lippincott2

Foreign Gas Broadening of the Lines of Hydrogen Chloride and Carbon Monoxide PDF File
Earle K. Plyler and Robert J. Thibault

Monolayers of Adipate Polyesters at Air-Liquid Interfaces PDF File
Wendell M. Lee, Robert R. Stromberg, and J. Leon Shereshefsky