Volume 66A Number 3 May-June 1962


Glass Filters for Checking Performance of Spectrophotometer-Integrator Systems of Color Measurement PDF File
Harry J. Keegan, John C. Schleter, and Deane B. Judd

Calibration of Small Grating Spectrometers from 166 to 600 cm PDF File
L. R. Blaine, Earle K. Plyler, and W. S. Benedict

Franck-Condon Factors to High Vibrational Quantum Numbers II: SiO, MgO, SrO, A1O, VO, NO PDF File
R. W. Nicholls

Oxidation of Aldoses With Bromine PDF File
Horace S. Isbell

An Analysis of the Solid Phase Behavior of the Normal Paraffins PDF File
Martin G. Broadhurst

Determination of Methylene Groups in Disulfide and Methylene Sulfide Crosslinks in Polycaprolactam Fibers PDF File
Stephen D. Brack

Purification by Automatic Gas Chromatography PDF File
Milton Tenenbaum and Frank L. Howard

High Resolution Investigation of Some Infrared Bands of Carbon Disulfide PDF File
Delia Agar, Earle K. Plyler, and E. D. Tidwell