Volume 57 Number 6 December 1956


Properties of Barium Titanium Silicate Glasses PDF File
Given W. Cleek and Edgar H. Hamilton

Scavenging Characteristics of a Two-Stroke-Cycle Engine as Determined by Skip-Cycle Operation PDF File
P. M. Ku and T. F. Trimble

Synthesis of β3-Gentiobiose-l-C14 PDF File
Robert Schaffer and Horace S. Isbell

Hydration of Aluminous Cements and Its Relation to the Phase Equilibria in the System Lime-Alumina-Water PDF File
Lansing S. Wells and Elmer T. Carlson

Axial Performance of Spectacle Lenses PDF File
Francis E. Washer

A Survey of Negative Ions in Mass Spectra of Polyatomic Molecules PDF File
Robert M. Reese, Vernon H. Dibeler, and Fred L. Mohler

Heat Conduction Through Insulating Supports in Very- Low Temperature Equipment PDF File
R. P. Mikesell and R. B. Scott