Volume 48 Number 4 April 1952


Pressure-Humidity Apparatus PDF File
Arnold Wexler and Raymond D. Daniels, Jr.

Heats of Copolymerization of Butadiene and Styrene from Measurements of Heats of Combustion PDF File
Raymond A. Nelson, Ralph S. Jessup, and Donald E. Roberts

Infrared Spectra of Methanol, Ethanol, and n-Propanol PDF File
Earle K. Plyler

Pigmentation in Bristle and Horsehair PDF File
Sanford B. Newman

The System Beryllia-Alumina-Titania: Phase Relations and General Physical Properties of Three-Component Porcelains PDF File
S. M. Lang, C. L. Fillmore, and L. H, Maxwell

Effect of Temperature on the Tensile Properties of High-Purity Nickel PDF File
William D. Jenkins and Thomas G. Digges

Thiophosphation of 2-Methyl-2-Nitro-l-Propanol and the Preparation of Monothiophosphoric Acid PDF File
J. V. Karabinos, R. A. Paulson, and W. H. Smith

Surface Changes in an Original and Activated Bentonite PDF File
Juan de Dios Lopez-Gonzalez and Victor R. Deitz

Arc Spectra of Gallium, Indium, and Thallium PDF File
William F. Meggers and Robert J. Murphy

On the Truncation Error in the Solution of Laplace's Equation by Finite Differences PDF File
Wolfgang Wasow