Journal of Research of the
National Institute of
Standards and Technology

Volume 48

Number 3

March 1952


Synthesis of D-Glucose-1-C14 and D-Mannose-1-C14 PDF File
H. S. Isbell, J. V. Karabinos, H. L. Frush, N. B. Holt, A. Schwebel, and T. T. Galkowski

Effects of Maxima Suppressors on Polarographic Diffusion Currents PDF File
John Keenan Taylor and Roberta E. Smith

Heat Capacity of Gaseous Carbon Dioxide PDF File
Joseph F. Masi and Benjamin Petkof

Mass Spectra of Deuteroacetylenes, Monodeuterobenzene, and Deuteronaphthalenes PDF File
Fred L. Mohler, Vernon H. Dibeler, Laura Williamson, and Helen Dean

Influence of Nitrogen on the Notch Toughness of Heat- Treated 0.3-Percent-Carbon Steels at Low Temperatures PDF File
Glenn W. Geil, Nesbit L. Carwile, and Thomas G. Digges

Determination of Metallic Beryllium and Beryllium Carbide in Beryllium Metal PDF File
Walter A. Bergholz

Heats of Combustion and Formation of Liquid Ethylenimine PDF File
Raymond A. Nelson and Ralph S. Jessup

Thermal Expansion of Aluminum and Some Aluminum Alloys PDF File
Peter Hidnert and H. S. Krider

Some Accurately Measured Infrared Wavelengths for Calibration of Grating Spectrometers PDF File
Earle K. Plyler, Norman M. Gailar, and Thomas A. Wiggins

A Method of Summing Infinite Series PDF File
Samuel Lubkin

Properties of Certain Statistics Involving the Closest Pair in a Sample of Three Observations PDF File
Julius Lieblein