Volume 45 Number 2 August 1950


Cotton Powder for Infrared Transmission Measurements PDF File
Florence H. Forziati, Walter K. Stone, John W. Rowen, and William D. Appel

Gravimetric Analysis of Exhaust Gas From Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers PDF File
Fillmer W. Ruegg and Carl Halpern

Absorption of Near-Infrared Energy by Certain Glasses PDF File
Jack M. Florence, Charles C. Allshouse, Francis W. Glaze, and Clarence H. Hdhner

Tensile Properties of Ingot Iron at Low Temperatures PDF File
Glenn W. Geil and Nesbit L. Carwile

Effects of Pressure and Other Variables on Determinations of Octane Number PDF File
William J. Levedahl

Creep of High-Purity Copper PDF File
William D. Jenkins and Thomas G. Digges

Purification, Purity, and Freezing Points of Twenty-Nine Hydrocarbons of the API-Standard and API-NBS Series PDF File
Anton J. Streiff, Laurel F. Soule, Charlotte M. Kennedy, M. Elizabeth Janes,Vincent A. Sedlak, Charles B. Willingham, and Frederick D. Rossini!